Martina Růžičková

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2017- ongoing:The Faculty of Fine Arts
the Brno University of Technology
PhD. programme
Research topic - Lifestyle for interspecies collectivism
(Tutor: doc. MgA. Mikuláš Macháček)
2015-2017The Faculty of Fine Arts
The Brno University of Technology Intermedia Studio
(Head of the studio: MgA. Pavel Sterec, PhD)
2015Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
The Studio of Visiting Artist (Josef Dabernig)
2014-2015Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague
Intermedia Art Studio
(Head of the studio: doc. ak. mal. Jiri David)
2014University of the Arts London
Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design
United Kingdom
2010-2014The Faculty of Fine Arts
The Brno University of Technology
2011-2014Intermedia Studio
(Head of the studio: doc. Vaclav Stratil, prom.ped.)
2010-2012Performance Studio
(Head of the studio: prof. Tomas Ruller)


08/2017 Czech Center; Bucharest; RO. (artist in residence)

Exhibitions and live performances

2016Dark Enlightenment, Modrý stan, masejc; makemake; Brno; CZ; ;;; solo exhibition. &ChatShow;; Berlin; DE.
2015Raw Food; NoD; Prague; CZ.
2014Cult Fu-Fu Pictures; Ferdinand Baumann Gallery; Prague; CZ.
At the Beginning ere Was Silence; Pilsen City Gallery; Pilsen; CZ. Alotrium; TIC Gallery; Brno; CZ.
2013Visual Smog; 209 Gallery; Brno; CZ; ;;; solo exhibition.
Was It or Not?; Open Gallery; Bratislava; SK.
Transfer, “Půda” Gallery, a part of International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava, CZ
The Final Carousel of Compromises; NoD Mini; Prague; CZ; ;;; solo exhibition.
Trivial Testimony of The third Kind (in collaboration with Tomas Hodbod and Filin Krug), Kytka Gallery, Prague; CZ.
Cult Fu-Fu / Cheap Retrospective I.; Month of Performance Art Berlin; DE.
PERFORMANCE LAB : screening of Czech and Slovak video art; Czech Centre New York; USA.
Hi5!; The Brno House of Arts,; Brno; CZ.
2012The Cynic Love/Old Testament; K4; Prague; CZ.
part of a Liverpool Biennial catalogue in collaboration with Jiri Kovanda; Liverpool Biennial; UK. From eatre to Normal, live performance, Fotograf Gallery; Prague; CZ.
From e Road; Umakart Gallery; Brno; CZ.
Rund Licht; D9 Gallery; České Budějovice; CZ.
VIDEOFORMES Festival; Školská 21 Gallery; MeetFactory; Prague; CZ.
Videokemp; one‐day exhibition of contemporary videoart; CZ.
Calculation; 115/55 Gallery; Brno; CZ; ;;; solo exhibition.
2011ANYMOUS Performance Festival; Ostrava; CZ.
Communication with Hermann Nitsch; Reduta eatre; Brno; CZ.
Eat me/Drink me; Reduta eatre; Brno; CZ.
PERFORMANCE LAB: Exploring Contemporary Czech Performance; Centre for Contemporary Art DOX; Prague; CZ.
Bunch of Roses; individual performance with elements of collectivity; Centre for Contemporary Art DOX; Prague; CZ.
5DekaTance; Slévárna Vaňkovka Gallery; Brno; CZ.
2010“TERROR” Workshop Špaček(Mainz) - FaVU; Aula Gallery; Brno; CZ.


2014GMBaČ (Gustav Mahler was Czech maybe); section of Month of Performance Art Berlin 2014; in collabora- tion with Tomas Hodbod; Dimitrij Kruhlov and Ferdinand Baumann Gallery.
2012Miss FaVU 2012, a beauty competition, organized in accordance with the naive/Classicizing/Classical Greek kalokagathia, in collaboration with Intermedia Studio as a part of s-‐ ux project; Brno House of Arts; (
2011Project Jaguar, in a collaboration with Tomas Hodbod and Stepan Cizek, Birmingham, Channel Tunnel, Brussels, Pilsen.

Curatorial projects and production

2016workshop “Small School of Precarious Labor” with Inga Zimprich; FaVU VUT; Brno; CZ. e House of SM Collection; Monomach Gallery; Brno; CZ.
2014A part of 207 Gallery curatorial team; UMPRUM; Prague; CZ.
2017Occasional contributor:,